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REP is an international consulting service

We are specialized in the sourcing and funding of high quality projects in the field of renewables: sourcing, acquisition, evaluation, negotiation for sale and purchase . Due to our professional experience in wind and solar, we mainly offer such projects in the megawatt range.

All these power plants guarantee a very high profitability.

At present our projects are mainly in Europe, Latin America, Africa.
Therefore we have reliable coworkers in Europe and the Americas.
Differing from case to case, we cooperate with local, national and international professionals, such as lawyers of best reputation, specialized engineers etc. We are in contact with several different manufacturers, financing entities, investors, developers, specialized consultants all over the world in order to ensure high quality solar and wind power plants which guarantee the best possible benefit and optimal investment.

 We offer consultancy and brokerage, we assist you in the whole transaction - from the very first steps - the definition, finding, evaluation of the project or power plant, the negotiations, initiation of the due diligence, contracting O & M, supply of bankable material and the final purchase or sale to investors....